Hey mama, this bean and beet salad is going to be a hit!  It’s super easy to make, unbelievably delicious AND you’re going to sit back smiling because your family will be eating a mix of foods good for the liver, detox, and immunity!   We’re looking at super high fiber, good fats in the dressing, garlic, parsley and beets.  This sucker makes an absolutely perfect lunch or even a great dinner!

Let’s talk ingredients before we dive in!  Beets are an absolute powerhouse of a medicinal food.  They’re great for detox and the liver. It has an essential amino acid called betaine that helps reduce and decrease the amount of fat stored in the liver – woah. They help the brain function well.  They help regulate blood pressure.  And they keep that digestion moving and regular!

Green beans are not only delicious but also a great veggie that kids tend to love as well as us adults.  Green beans provide a huge boost to the immune system, and I love that they have great fiber for digestion.  When studies tell me that we’re looking at a decreased risk of colon cancer with good fiber in the diet, I’m all in! This is one of those vegetables that actually helps fill you up well while helping to ease things like constipation, ulcers, and acid reflux.  

Then we move onto corn which is always a fave of mine when sourced well.  Corn can add great fiber as well, which includes soluble and insoluble.  I do like that it can be a good carbohydrate and help fill up little tummies more while adding a pinch of sweetness.  Make sure you source it well and look for organic and non-GMO corn!

Black beans are up next and guess what we find??  Yup, more fiber!  With good fiber, magnesium, and solid potassium numbers, you may see things like lowered blood pressure, better digestion, and lower LDL levels (ya know, the bad cholesterol).  And I love that these round out the list of foods with filling fiber and making this salad a full on meal!

Lastly (before the delish dressing that is…) we have a total powerhouse as a cherry on top.  Chopped parsley is something that I love to put in as much as I can.  It doesn’t have an overwhelming flavor, but it has really powerful benefits.  This herb is a great source of vitamins and minerals while also providing some great detox assistance as well.  While the beets have your liver covered, parsley is a great support to the kidneys, and a rich source of antioxidants.  Antioxidants are some of my absolute favorites to get into the diet with the crazy amount of free radicals that come our way these days through EMF exposure, cell phones, wifi and more.  

Then you’ll top this baby off with my 2 minutes Paleo balsamic vinaigrette which includes even MORE nutrients and health supporting ingredients like garlic, olive oil, and honey.  


Bean & Beet Salad 


  • 2 cups chopped beets (usually around 3 large or 5-6 small) 
  • Fresh green beans, 1 pound
  • 1 cup freshly cut corn (no need to cook!)
  • ½ cup fresh chopped parsley
  • 2 cans organic black beans
  • ¼ – ½ cup Paleo Balsamic Vinaigrette + 1 TB raw honey



  1. Chop the beets up into small ¼ inch cubes
  2. Put the beets into a steamer and cook for 8-10 minutes
  3. Chop the green beans into ½ inch sections and add them to the steamer on top of the beets for 4-5 minutes 
  4. While the veggies are steaming, make the dressing and be sure to add that tablespoon of honey for this salad!
  5. Take the top off of the steamer as you don’t want the green beans and beans to become too soft
  6. Grab 3-4 pieces of corn and cut the kernels off the fresh corn
  7. Drain the beans and add them to a bowl with the corn while the beets and green beans cool
  8. When the green beans and beets are cool, add them to the corn and black beans and mix gently
  9. Add the dressing over the top and mix again gently and add the chopped parsley


**This is a phenomenal salad to make large batches of and keep in the fridge for easy lunches! 


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