Mayo. It’s always been one of my favorites! I had no idea what awful stuff was in the Best Foods type jar until I started learning about ingredients more. Yikes, friends. Just yikes. Transfats need to be a thing of the past. Am I right? You know I am. I had no idea what those bad and artificially made fats did to our brains until I started my health coaching certification. Holy. Freaking. Cow. That’s a whole other blog post though, because we need to sit and have a serious virtual chat about what bad fats do to our brains.

Mmmkay, moving on. One of my main goals as a blogger is to give all of us, and particularly us Moms, nutritious and easy tools to make food taste good and get our kids eating healthier! This homemade mayo is one of those game changers. My daughter has always loved hummus. Like she’ll eat a whole plate of veggies this size if she has a bowl of hummus. But my boys are sort of “eh” on the whole hummus thing. I use this mayo to make a dill dip that they will eat straight out of the bowl. It’s great for dips, garlic mayo for artichokes, yummy on wraps, delicious in salad dressings, and anything else that requires creamy goodness!!

Here’s the secret to this though. No olive oil. I know…weird, right? But I have yet to use an olive oil that doesn’t make mayo taste completely overwhelming. And my kids won’t eat the olive oil mayo. But THIS. This is a whole different story. They LOVE it. By using avocado oil, you’re giving it a much milder taste that allows the creaminess of the eggs to take the front seat. You can find THIS brand at Costco or through the link. This only takes about 5 minutes to make, and it’s an incredible way to bulk up your healthy tool kit!


  • 2 duck eggs (can sub 3 pastured chicken eggs)
  • 1 teaspoon yellow or dijon mustard (I like the dijon!)
  • 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar or lemon juice (we love lemon juice when our lemon bush is happy!)
  • 1/2 teaspoon sea salt
  • approximately 2 cups avocado oil


  1. Use boiling water to sanitizer your blender and tupperware
  2. Wash outside of eggs with warm soapy water and dry them
  3. Place eggs, ACV or lemon, mustard, and salt in the blender
  4. Turn blender onto medium/high
  5. SLOWLY drizzle the avocado oil into the blender
  6. It should take about a full two minutes to add the oil so it thickens and emulsifies
  7. Once it thickens and the sound of the blender changes, turn blender off
  8. Place it in a tupperware and refrigerate immediately if not fermenting
  9. If you want to kick the nutrition up a notch, you can leave the mayo on the counter for 4-6 hours covered with a kitchen towel
  10. Use in dips, sandwiches, and dressings!


**Duck eggs make for an INCREDIBLY creamy flavor, but you can absolutely substitute chicken eggs

**Whenever you are using eggs that are not cooked, be sure you are sourcing from a trusted farm with good and sanitary practices

**This should last for about 2 weeks, but ours has NEVER lasted that long

**The amount of oil will depend on how big your eggs are and often times the weather can affect it. So only drizzle the olive oil until it thickens and the blender slows down!