Cold and flu season – the dreaded phrase for any and all parents!  I know it can feel overwhelming to know which things to focus on to help you and your kids weather the bugs that fly around, but it doesn’t have to be too complicated.  I’ve found that there are some very simple things that help us stay healthy.  And one of the tips I am going to share are essential oils for cold & flu that really do help.

Now – let me shoot straight with you on something.  It drives me a little crazy when a mom comes up to me and say something like this…”we started eating well, taking vitamin C and using essential oils and our kids are NEVER sick”.  Well, that’s lovely for you, Nancy but that hasn’t been my experience. I’m happy for her – I really am. But I don’t think that’s the reality for most families.  

So what CAN we do and what essential oils can really make a difference.  I’d love for you to read my STORY when you get a chance, because it tells you my journey of what a difference these drops have made in my life!  You’ll read about how I thought I could be thrifty and grab any old essential oils. And then you’ll hear how that didn’t work and I couldn’t figure out why MY Thieves blend from Whole Foods wasn’t making a difference.  And you’ll hear a bunch of fun stories about what they’ve done for my family.  


Here are a few of my favorite reasons to use essential oils for cold & flu season:

  • They’re incredibly powerful – one little drop can get into your blood and impact every cell in your body
  • Essential oils are versatile – most essential oils have properties that can battle challenges on any front whether you’re dealing with chronic or acute problems
  • They help the whole person – the longer I am a parent, the more I see that sleep, stress, and emotions have a huge impact on whether my kids can fight off whatever is going around



Essential oils are NOT medicine. They work in a totally different way, so please try and shift your framework before reading on. There are no specific “doses” and rules.  You’ll use common sense guidelines and your mama gut for how this fits in for your family. You’re working to look at health from a PROactive mentality instead of a REactive mentality.  When your body has the support it needs, it is better able to fight off or deal with whatever comes its way!



(And I included a story to go along with each one!)


I know, I know.  It’s everywhere. But TRUE Lavender is powerful.  That Lavender “scent” in your lotion from Target and Walmart ain’t REAL Lavender…that’s the darn truth!  Lavender is particularly helpful for the sinuses and ears. It helps your body keep those passages open and drain the way that they’re supposed to.  It also helps with sleep, calming emotions, and skin!

“My son had had numerous ear issues, including a ruptured ear drum when he was 15 months.  It was heartbreaking to watch as a parent. As soon as he would get any sort of congestion, the crying would start and we’d be off to the doctor again.  When we started using essential oils, I read about Lavender and what it could do for ears and sinuses. I thought it was worth a shot! At the first *hint* of congestion, I would gently massage diluted lavender behind his ears and down into his neck.  We have not had ONE issue since.
And that was over 6 years ago!”



This dreamy smell is an absolute favorite in our home.  It brings an uplifting smell into the room, and we add it to the diffuser often.  It helps soothe sore and scratchy throats and supports the respiratory system. We love to diffuse it to clear the air, rub it diluted on the chest, and add the Lemon Vitality to warm water in the morning for a gentle detox.  



“When our third child was 9 months old, he began crying one night and I could tell his voice was hoarse.  We settled in for the night after he nursed and all seemed to be well until he woke up crying with a very clearly scratchy cry.  I nursed him, held him, and prayed over him but nothing seemed to work. Later, I then remembered that we had used Lemon for our older children to soothe their throats when they were uncomfortable.  I grabbed it immediately, diluted some in my hand with olive oil and rubbed it on his throat and chest. Within
30 seconds, he was swallowing again, stopped crying and fell asleep on my chest.  I don’t know about you, but I think EVERY
mother needs this in her arsenal!”



This grounding and emotionally calming oil is an absolute favorite of mine.  Many studies show this essential oil to have an incredible impact on the health of our cells (yes, that’s a thing!).  Frankincense can be added to shea butter or a lotion to help dry or cracked skin. It is emotionally calming and supportive, aids in proper respiratory function, and is helpful for calming the mind before sleep.  It’s also important to note that with the amount of radiation working against our families these days, we must be proactive about helping our cells heal and function. Frankincense is most definitely a part of that equation and gets applied to our family every day.



“Our home uses Frankincense when things just feel “off”.  When my head feels fuzzy, drop of Frankincense in the hands cupped over my mouth and some deep breaths clear the cobwebs out.  When our kids are feeling cranky and struggling to be kind or feel emotionally stable, Frankincense goes in the diffuser with Orange.  It helps make a “shift” whenever that is needed and I love knowing that it’s helping our kids on every level.”


I’ll never forget smelling my store bought oil next to my real deal Peppermint oil.  I remember thinking, “the store bought smells like a candy cane and my Young Living one smells like I just shoved my nose into a plant!”  Peppermint is amazing for respiratory and sinus support, and we LOVE how it helps the airways open up when needed. A deep breath of it can help clear the mind, energize the body and create an upbeat mood.  This is an oil that is always in my “oil case” that stays in my purse. It also is a powerful digestion helper and we’ve had a ton of success when we’re either stopped up or the faucet is a little too loose, if you know what I mean!  



“Peppermint was my gateway oil!  I knew that essential oils smelled good but I had no idea the powerful effect that they could have on the body.  One deep breath of this little bottle and I felt it in every ounce of my body! It has helped dramatically with muscle and head tension, and we’ve loved using it for our family when digestion isn’t going so well.  We absolutely love this oil.”




If you could put Christmas, immune support, and a little fairy dust into a bottle together, a bottle of Thieves Essential Oil Blend would be it. Thieves is a specialized blend of Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Rosemary and Eucalyptus. It was formulated over 25 years ago, and the stories continue to this very day of its amazing support of the immune system and the body. 

I would love to go into detail on the research I’ve done regarding Clove and it’s impact on fungal friends or its ability to bust through biofilm. Or Rosemary and the studies done on its impact on inflammation or how it may help pull metals from the body. I know – woah. But when you put all these oils together, it is a strong immune support for the body on every level.

We also love this oil because essential oils are uses to support the body and help it to function the way that its supposed to. Thieves has proven that in our home over and over again. What a gift to be able to DO something when we find out that something nasty is circulating around school. We start applying Thieves numerous times a day, make sure we’re eating clean without any sugar and get extra rest. 


“Thieves has made a huge impact on our home when it comes to health.  As a mom, it is a gift to know that I have a tool that helps us to be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to supporting our family’s immune system.  Essential oils have helped me feel empowered as a mom – but Thieves has been one of the blends that has helped us the most.”



I think that’s probably one of the biggest questions I get. Most folks have heard of essential oils at this point, but the use of them still remains a little bit of a mystery to many. I’m here to say 




As I’ve thought about how to empower mamas to feel like they have tools that they need to keep their family healthy, I decided to put together an “Intro To Essential Oils” class for you.  It’s in super bite size portions (less than 4 min each) helping you understand how to use essential oils. We touch a tiny bit on science and history, but the bulk of this info is practical, “boots on the ground” info for the busy mama.  I’m not about wasting your precious time. Not even for a second.  


It’s launching this coming week so enter your Name and Email address below to gain access when it goes live in a few days!