Working to create thick, luxurious hair has been a lifelong battle of mine.  I’m the youngest of three girls, and we always joke that my mom, who happens to have thick, beautiful locks to this day, just didn’t have any left by the time she had me!  My sisters have forever complained about how heavy their hair is and how they get headaches when they put it up in a pony tail.  Meanwhile, I’m over here putting up buns with one bobby pin or sporting a pony tail with a toddler rubber band!  The good news is that whatever the issue is, I’ve got some recipes for you!  

Essential oils are a phenomenal support for the body, and believe or not, your hair!  Whether you’re dealing with thinning hair (yes, women AND men), tangled hair, or even dealing with a pesky, itchy scalp, I’ve got you covered.  

Let me tell you a little bit about how I even discovered that essential oils could be good for your hair…

Three pregnancies, a lagging thyroid and adrenals and a leaky gut were the perfect storm for my thinning hair.  While I will always be a huge advocate for having food be your best medicine, I also have found some really great tools that have made a huge difference in helping my hair grow back and even thicker than before. 

I’ll never forget being at the hair stylist after beginning this hair growth recipe about 2 month before.  My hair dresser, Amy was trying to be nice at my prior appointment, but you could tell she was trying to make the most of the sad, thin hair she was working on.  Fast forward 2 months after I began using my magic potion, and there was a huge difference.  Right around the top of my head to the top of my ears looked like I had a half of a football helmet on my head!  I hadn’t noticed until I was staring in a mirror looking at it with her!  She couldn’t believe how thick it was growing in, and I was more than convinced that these oils can do wonders and magic in more ways than I knew.  

I’ve put together my favorite recipes for whatever your family needs when it comes to what tops your head!  



Add 20 drops each to your shampoo (8 oz for this recipe)…

  • Rosemary Essential Oil
  • Cedarwood Essential Oil
  • Lavender Essential Oil

After Shower Thickening Spray…

2 oz spray bottle, add 15 drops of

  • Rosemary oil
  • Cedarwood oil
  • Lavender oil

Fill the rest with filtered water and spray on the scalp after getting out of the shower

Style as desired

Night Time Spray

Same recipe as 2oz bottle above but spray on your scalp dry before bedtime.  Let it dry before resting your head on your pillow!  Lavender and Cedarwood are both incredibly calming and sleep supportive oils, so this is also a great option.  


In a 4 oz spray bottle, add…

  • 1 tablespoon vegetable glycerin
  • 1/2 teaspoon vitamin E
  • 6 drops Cedarwood
  • 6 drops Lavender


Again, I’ll give you a couple of options here to do whatever is easiest for you!

Add 20 drops Tea Tree and Rosemary to your shampoo and make sure it is blended in completely.

Whenever you shampoo, be sure to let it sit on your scalp for 3-5 minutes before rinsing.  


  • 2 oz spray bottle
  • 10 drops Rosemary and Tea Tree
  • Fill with distilled water and spray on scalp after shower


Well as you know from my story, I’ve seen amazing things happen with our family when it comes to diving into the right kind of health tools.  I’ve been working with friends for over 10 years now, and I have seen these essential oils recipes for hair not only get used but WORK.  It’s not just my family but hundreds and thousands of our tribe that see these amazing results.  Although my hairdresser Amy would vouch for me on this one too!  

If you’re looking at using essential oils for your hair, chances are you’ve poked around to find out about what essential oils can do for your family.  I’ve put together an entire system that is add water and stir to use them in your home.  Not only will you get an incredible welcome packet when you make your order, but you’ll step into a community and education system with like minded families and training by experts and practitioners!  These are just a few things you get when you purchase your hair bundle.

  • Weekly education classes
  • Vault of trainings on dozens of topics – hormone support, kids & oils, babies & oils, gut health, skin & oils, pain management and so much more!
  • Personal one on one support from yours truly
  • Done for you protocols 


While I’ve seen them work firsthand, the info on WHY each of these oils is great for the hair and scalp is fun to read!

LAVENDER – An obviously well known oil for many reasons like sleep, stress, sinuses, and more.  In 2016, THIS study found that mice had more hair follicles grow and had thicker hair when they were given lavender than those without.  It also has a great ability to balance the flora and microbiome of the bacteria on the scalp which is more needed than we realize!

ROSEMARY – Rosemary is well known to contribute to hair thickness and regrowth.  This study here even shows that within 3 months, there was significant hair growth in the group who used Rosemary!  It smells great, and it’s been a huge help personally.

CEDARWOOD – This oil helps stimulate blood flow which increases the ability for the hair follicles to grow.  It is probably the most well known oil to support those with thinning hair, whether it’s from age, stress, hormonal imbalance or like me, a whole lot of babies!  

TEA TREE – Not much needs to be said about this gentle but powerful oil.  It’s amazing for all things that itch or cause discomfort on the skin.  And to boot, you’ll have something that’s great for the sinuses and ears when issues pop up there as well!



I know that diving into the world of plants and oils can seem like it’s a big task, but I know without a doubt that it’s worth it!  Remember that what you buy is just as important as who you buy it from.  After trying over 12 brands over many years, it was with great confidence that I landed with doTERRA.  I have a great intro to oils class you can check out as well that will give you the nitty gritty of the basics in less than 20 minutes!  I like the personal connection in being able to answer questions, so contact me HERE for more info or to schedule a chat.