I’ll never forget walking through a Weston Price exhibit area and seeing the “earthing mats” that were on display. I remember thinking, “Okay, they’ve gone too far on that one!” I mean, really, we need to be connected to the earth to be healthier? The concept was foreign and weird and honestly, just seemed too farfetched.

Turns out I was wrong.

The last few years had me diving into things like frequency and energy. I learned about what EMF is doing to our bodies and how negative ions in the forest or at the beach can alter our mood and help us feel better.

Then I started seeing more and more posts and articles on grounding and even saw things like “grounding helps inflammation!”. With a body that is chronically inflamed from Lyme disease and oh, an incredibly toxic world, I decided to give it a chance. I figured if the claims were true about sleep and inflammation and positive energy, it certainly couldn’t hurt! And boy am I glad I did! So let’s dive in together and talk a little bit about this powerful and emerging subject of grounding. This article is based on a discussion of studies related to grounding that were incredibly resourceful fun me. What I hope this does is help you dive in further and do more research for yourself!

What is grounding?

Grounding or “earthing” is a form of connecting with the earth. We are energetic beings, and I truly believe that we were made to be in contact with the ground in some form or another. I have personally felt a difference in using grounding as a method of relaxation, stress relief, and believe it or not, even pain relief.

“In the absence of Earth contact, internal charge distribution will not be uniform, but instead will be subject to a variety of electrical perturbations in the environment. It is well known that many important regulations and physiological processes involve events taking place on cell and tissue surfaces. In the absence of a common reference point, or “ground,” electrical gradients, due to uneven charge distribution, can build up along tissue surfaces and cell membranes.” Source.

This is from a great discussion of research on grounding and whether or not it REALLY makes a difference. In essence, our electrical balance is thrown off and when that happens, we are out of balance and will affect us on any and every level, whether it be amino acids, our cell membranes, or how energy moves through our body.

Why is it important?

Historically, shoes have been made with cloth and things that electricity can still flow through. The increase in rubber and plastic in shoes has cut us off from the free ions that flow through the earth. We now not only have a barrier keeping us from the balance the earth brings, but we also have an influx of positively charged and destructive free radicals as a result of being surrounded by EMF from cell phones, computers, constant WIFI, smart meters, and even bluetooth devices installed in cars now. Our bodies are constantly under assault, and if we don’t work to get that balance back through grounding, we can experience many negative effects from this imbalance.

My personal experience

As I watched others’ experiences and started to experiment with this idea on my own, I’ve been profoundly surprised by the results. I sometimes deal with nerve pain from Lyme disease, and while essential oils and my infrared sauna are a huge support, grounding has been the fastest relief I’ve found. I’ve experienced lower pain levels, in particular with my nervous system. I found recently an article that spoke directly to grounding and it’s effect on the nervous and cardiac systems HERE!

I also found that I was able to relax, breathe deeper, and I felt much more capable of taking on my day. My experience has also been that the sun intensifies these feelings of stress relief! Whether it is the fact that I’m grounding or just taking the time to slow down and be still, I cannot be sure. But I do believe that the research points to grounding being a significant factor in wellness!

The other thing I’ve noticed is that I “vibrate” less.  Ever since being diagnosed with Lyme disease, I’m incredibly sensitive to EMF exposure.  Sitting with a computer on my lap results in knees that ache within seconds. Putting a cell phone next to my ear results in ear ringing for several hours.  And often times, I’ve told my husband that it feels like my skin is vibrating. Grounding takes these feelings of “vibrating” away and allows my body to be much more at peace.

What does grounding do?

**Helps sleep for those with chronic pain – studies have shown that those who deal with chronic pain and inflammation sleep better when using a grounding mat. In table 1 of the document, the numbers are clear that grounding provides significant relief for those with this challenge. And given the fact that nearly 30% of the adult population complains of sleep disturbance or disruption, this is definitely something to look into.

**Helps reduce stress and reduces cortisol levels

With cortisol levels and inflammation being directly related, this is a significant point to make. If grounding can help those with chronic inflammation sleep better and have lower cortisol levels, you could be looking at a true game changer for those with chronic inflammation. And with the growing evidence that inflammation is the gateway to all disease, particularly autoimmune, then I would hope a whole lot of money gets thrown at research to see how we can maximize this for all chronic sufferers!

What ELSE may grounding do?

  • help immune response
  • support glucose regulation
  • help the body shift from the parasympathetic system to the sympathetic response
  • reduce stress and tension
  • reduce the electric fields that our bodies are exposed to
  • increase energy levels

What does this mean for YOU?

Well, I think it’s time for you to consider how this could impact your life! The wonderful thing is that this does not require money or resources beyond some of your time. It may be difficult to schedule that time in, but try it out for a week and see how your body responds.

I also know that some may have the challenge of living in a city and not having access to dirt, sand, or grass. First of all, I’m sorry! Secondly, there are quite a few options for grounding when you can’t find the good old earth. Here are a few options for you! I do have to say that you’ll want to read reviews before purchasing as I have still been doing grounding in our backyard!

Grounding Mat
Grounding Pad that can be used for sleep or while sitting at a computer

Give it a TRY!

I hope you’ll give it a try, and I can’t wait to hear what the results are. Something that has the potential to reduce inflammation, help with sleep, calm the mind, and combat the effect of free radicals on our body is absolutely worth your time and investigation! I truly believe this is a very simple and effective (not to mention cheap!) way to take steps towards a healthier life!