I would say this is most likely the most requested topic I’ve received over the last year! The Instant Pot is selling like crazy, and people are using it in lieu of their slow cookers. And for good reason! It was always really difficult for me to get my ish together in the morning to get all the ingredients into the slow cooker. In theory, it’s a great idea, but I could never add that on to getting ready for school and making the morning more complicated! So when I started using the Instant Pot, it pretty much changed everything. I was able to do chicken broth in two hours instead of 24! I’ve been able to make carnitas in 15 minutes, stew in less than 20, artichokes in 10, and make huge batches of shredded chicken in just a few minutes. It really is as good as everyone says it is!

Here is my uber low key recipe that takes me less than 5 minutes to throw together for chicken broth. Literally. Less than 5 minutes, and my house doesn’t smell like chicken broth for a whole 24 hours!


  • 2 large chicken backs
  • 6 chicken feet
  • 2 cups leftover vegetables (onions, carrots, celery, parsley)
  • 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar
  • Filtered water to fill line


  1. Place all the ingredients in the instant pot with the water to the fill line
  2. Place the lid on
  3. Set it to the manual setting on high for 120 minutes
  4. Be sure to let the pressure lower for about 30 minutes before trying to release the valve
  5. Let the broth cool for up to 2 hours
  6. Take a 2 cups glass or pyrex measuring cup and pour into two half gallon jars through a fine mesh strainer
  7. Let cool to room temperature before placing a lid on the top and putting in the fridge
  8. If you want to freeze, be sure to leave about 1/3 jar without liquid leaving room for expansion


**If you don’t have chicken backs, you can substitute chicken necks

**If you don’t have chicken feet, feel free to add one more chicken neck or chicken back

**This should make almost exactly 2 half gallon mason jars for you to plop in the fridge!