You’ve seen essential oils online, in your local store, and even in your gas station over the last year!

But what ARE essential oils and can they REALLY impact the health of your home?  Did you know they can help with cleaning, skincare, digestive and immunity support, workout prep and recovery, cellular detox and support, and even feelings of overwhelm.  And don’t forget sleep.  Never forget sleep!  Check out the BOGO deals below to see what you can grab at a huge discount today!  BOGO sales go live Monday, June 19th!

Not only will you get an incredible tool for your health tool belt, but you’ll be getting…

  • A supportive community including practitioner led education weekly
  • One on one support from a health coach with over a decade of experience with essential oils
  • A FREE Essential Oils Made Simple Book ($29.99 value)
  • Sample bag of my favorite products
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Essential oils are the most effective and fast acting health tool that we use in our home!  If you have been wanting to use them but just aren’t sure where to start, this is for you!  Not only will you get deals that are unheard of with Buy One, Get One (the infamous BOGO!) but you’ll get personal one on one support from me, a team of practitioners with a huge library of resources, weekly classes, and an incredible community!  



How to Get Started with Essential Oils

 This is a magical combination for everything that hurts!  Great for that head and neck tension, lower back challenges, sore muscles and hey, we’ve even used it for tummy support, sinuses and ears and also great for clearing the cobwebs mentally when you’re tired.  I cannot say enough about the magic stick!


A packet of this a day will make changes you will not believe!  We also have a 30 day metabolic reset I will add you to if you decide to grab this powerhouse!  

Are you tired of waking up looking tired?  Imagine looking in the mirror with skin that is finally smoothing out and feeling better than 10 years ago! Clean skincare is an ever-growing movement.  Don’t miss out on this incredible trio for the price of one!  A gua she massage every night with this serum will have your skin glowing in a new way.

If you’ve never known the mood boost of citrus and mint oils, then you’re in for a treat!  Did you also know that we can lock in memories with a special scent?  If you have a vacation that you’re looking forward to this summer, grab this bundle and use it/diffuse it during your trip so that whenever you smell it, you’ll be taken back to those special memories!

Grab a beautiful uplifting perfume replacement and get the most incredible roller of Frankincense!  Great for skin, calming the nervous system and so ground, the Frankincense roller is something you won’t want to be without!

Grab this uplifting emotional support duo at a massive discount!  Neroli is one of my favorite supportive oils for myself and everyone I know.  These easy, done for you rollers are great to throw in your purse or bag for any times of feeling nervous or not very grounded.  Great for kiddos too!