I remember when I first had the thought of combining elderberry syrup, wolfberries, and CBD.  I couldn’t imagine a better marriage than those with an elderberry syrup & CBD gummy being born!  That was a little weird that I just turn that into a little family, but we’ll roll with it!  I’m SO pumped we can talk about how to make your own CBD gummies with the elderberry syrup!

You want to know why things like elderberry syrup and CBD are “trendy” or “all the rage” right now?  Because we are coming back to the realization that nature is POWERFUL. God created nature to be our tool for health and wellness.  It’s as simple as that.  

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You know how important it is to me to make ALL THE THINGS easy for the moms in the world.  So I realized that if I could come up with a way to get the Elderberry & Ningxia Wolfberry Syrup, the essential oils, and the CBD in one recipe, I would be giving every mama a gift!  So that’s what I’ve done, and I hope your kids are as excited about these as mine are!  

Can we talk about why they did one row and then moved on?  Hopefully I’m the only one that is struggling with that.  haha!



Why are Elderberry AND Wolfberry in your syrup, Beth?

I’m so glad you asked, mama.  I’ve done a pretty lengthy blog post on that over HERE so you’ll want to check that out when you’re done reading this one!

Shoot straight with me on CBD…

Again, I come back to the fact that more and more families are looking for ways to SUPPORT their bodies instead of mask symptoms and hide what’s really going on.  I also did a basic post on it and why we’ve chosen to use it for our family HERE.

I know there can be a lot of controversy over CBD, but as with most health tools, research is key.  I would never use essential oils off the shelves of a convenience store just like I’d never grab a CBD off a random website (or that I’ve found a gas station – yes, that is ACTUALLY happening).  Aaaaaand while I’m at it, I’d never just grab supplements off of Amazon either after the recent press on the quality control (or severe lack thereof!) that’s been uncovered.  

Why put them all together? 

When you’re trying to tackle health from as many angles as possible, particularly with kids, less is more.  If I can put more veggies in one recipe, I will. If I can get oils and collagen and good fats and spinach in one smoothie, you better believe it’s happening!  Simplify health whenever possible. I always tell my people – it doesn’t matter that you’re using your oils or supplements perfectly. Just use them! 

Forgetting to take your MSM supplement one hour before food isn’t going to make the sky fall.  Get that MSM in you while you’re throwing back breakfast.  

Get the oils on our family.

Turn on that diffuser.

Drink that juice.

Make it happen, friend. 

Woah, just went into cheerleader mode for a second.  I’m bringing it back around for you.


I had no idea how complicated it would be to make this recipe work.  I kept coming up with runny and oily gummies because the CBD oil and the rest of the mixture weren’t staying together!  Turns out what they said in chemistry is true. Oils don’t mix so well with other ingredients.  It took a few trial runs, but we finally nailed it and I literally had to tell the kids to back away from them.  


Let’s take a quick look into why this is such a powerhouse gummy!

**Elderberry – amazing immune support and known to shorten and prevent flu

**Ningxia Wolfberry – off the charts ORAC value known to get rid of free radicals

**Vitality Oils – supportive of detox pathways, the immune system,  and cellular health

**Manuka Honey – strong antibacterial qualities and brings sweetness to a slightly bitter flavor

**CBD – Supports the mother of all systems, the Endocannabinoid System, and brings equilibrium to the whole body

**Sea Salt – Helps the body absorb essential nutrients and minerals and helps the CBD to stay in the gummy!


How I did CBD dosage!

I give my kids 1/4 ml to 1/2 ml per day.  Many parents do less and many do more – it completely is up to you on researching what your child needs!  So I counted how many molds I was going to make and divided it up accordingly to be that amount. A super easy way until you figure out your dosage for you and your family is to put it in a tupperware instead of molds and just cut it into the correct amount of gummies!



1/2 Cup Elderberry & Wolfberry Syrup

1/8 Teaspoon Sea Salt

2 Tablespoons Grass Fed Gelatin

Smart Spectrum CBD  – we like the citrus but all of the flavors are great

Silicone Molds

Silicone Droppers


Make sure the silicone molds are ready and prepped on a flat surface that can be moved into the fridge.  A baking sheet or serving tray usually works well. 

Warm the elderberry syrup over low/medium heat – as low as possible but warm enough to dissolve gelatin

Add in as many droppers of CBD to the mixture based on your family’s needs

Sprinkle in the salt and the gelatin and continue to whisk until smooth

Immediately remove it from the heat and use the silicone molds to put the liquid into the molds or pour it directly into a glass tupperware.  

Put them into the fridge for 30-60 minutes or until they’re set.

Store in an airtight container in the fridge and use one per day!

Now I need your feedback!  How did it go?  Let me know and let’s get this shared to get all the good stuff in the kids around the world!

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