The Thieves Home Upgrade Kit


This detox your home kit is one of the best decisions you can make for your home. The number one way to hit the easy button!


Detoxing the cleaning products in your home is one of the biggest changes you can make without having to learn anything new!  Plop the new non toxic AND  immune boosting toothpaste in the bathroom, fill up your household cleaner with Thieves Household Cleaner and water, throw the sanitizers and hand spray in every purse and bag and car!  You’ve literally reduced your toxic exposure by a ton just by replacing some of these products. Select the Thieves Premium Starter Kit and I’ll be sending you a beautiful glass spray bottle for your new cleaners.

This kit includes:

⚡️Thieves essential oil blend, 15 ml
⚡️Thieves AromaBright Toothpaste, 4 oz.
⚡️Thieves Household Cleaner, 14.4 oz., 2 bottles
⚡️Thieves Mouthwash, 8 oz.
⚡️Thieves Foaming Hand Soap, 8 oz., 2 bottles
⚡️Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier, 1 oz., 2 bottles
⚡️Thieves Spray, 1 oz., 2 bottles

A little more info on why these products are so incredible to have in your home – especially with what’s going on right now!!

I know that there is a lot of talk right now about toilet paper😆 and hand sanitizer…so I wanted to share some ways that Young Living can help keep those germs away (you’ll have to handle the toilet paper thing🤣)
The CDC recommends that the hand sanitizer that you use that is effective at killing that virus everyone’s buying toilet paper for right now must have 60% alcohol or more.


A lot of conventional, toxic, over the counter hand sanitizers don’t have that much..but thieves?!?
Wanna learn a little more?!

🌿Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier ingredients include:

➕65% Alcohol denat
➕Peppermint oil
➕Thieves Oil

👉BUT WAIT!!!!👈
Isn’t Alcohol Denat toxic and NOT good for our skin? So WHY IN THE WORLD is it in YL’s plant based hand purifier?! 🤔

Check this: 

Denat alcohol is an ethanol based product, which is derived from petroleum. Did ya know petroleum is toxic!? Almost all other companies use a petroleum base of some sort in their products which is not natural and toxic to our bodies. In Young Living’s case, the “alcohol denat” is actually derived from the Peppermint oil (and from the thieves oil too!)
Saaay what, and how do they do that???
Because of our Seed to Seal standard we can trust that each of our oils are chemically sound meaning each has all the perfect chemical compounds and bonds needed for it to be 100% pure as it was within the plant.
This is why YL oils can be used to create a safe and natural solution (like alcohol denat) instead of a man made toxic alcohol denat with fake chemical bonds that our bodies don’t like. 
Peppermint oil has natural methyl / ethyl bonds, and can TOTALLY be used as a natural Alcohol Denat.
All YL products are chemically created this way!
So if our hand sanitizer is out of stock, grab the thieves spray, or thieves wipes (did you know that we had these??) and those will do the job!

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