What compelled me to seek out non toxic cleaning products? I’ll never forget the moment that I started asking about the cleaning products in my home. I was 8 months pregnant with our oldest, and we lived in a tiny apartment under a home. My hubby was on shift during a Sunday afternoon, and I decided it was a good time to do a deep cleaning of our bathroom. I gathered all my regular cleaners…the Clorox, the Tide, the Windex. And as I cleaned, I remember my lungs feeling funny and my head started to hurt.  I almost had a panicky feeling about 20 minutes into it and forced myself to run outside and take some deep breaths.  

I remember thinking “WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!”  

Believe it or not, that was the first step to realizing that something in those cleaners might not be good for me.  Or my baby.  I dug into the limited websites on the topic at the time but honestly, there wasn’t much info for a new mama like me.  

As far as I could tell, my options were vinegar, baking soda and some essential oils from Whole Foods or the nearest health food store.  And while those did a decent job, I remember constantly having to concoct things and my house smelling like a pickle whenever our family and friends came over!  It was NOT exactly the “nesting” cozy feeling I was going for prior to having a baby!

Let’s talk through what I’ve learned since then…


Green washing is a term used to make something look natural or safe when, in reality, it is nothing of the sort.  You’ll see things like “natural” or “organic” or “vegan” or “contains NATURAL essential oils”.  Oy vey.  Unfortunately, there is very little regulation of any of these terms so any company can slap these terms on anything.  Marketing is a powerful tool, and as consumers and especially as mothers who are the gateways to our homes, it’s time for us to not fall for their tactics!


Well since I don’t have a bulldozer to bring you the pages needed for that list, let’s just start with a few.  What I DO KNOW is that the majority of the time – the shorter the list of ingredients, the better.

  • FRAGRANCE – linked to cancer, asthma, hormone disruption and central nervous system disorders just as a start!  **If you haven’t watched the movie Stink!, you’ll most definitely want to put that on tonight!
  • PARABENS – Linked to breast cancer and hormone disruption
  • BPA – Heart disease, obesity, diabetes
  • PTHALATES – hormone disruption, breast cancer, infertility
  • PROPYLENE GLYCOL & BUTALENE GLYCOL – skin allergies and organ system toxicity
  • SLS/SLES – Skin irritation, respiratory problems, hormone disruption
  • DEA, MEA, TEA – Liver tumors, hormone disruption, cancer
  • TRICLOSAN – thyroid problems weakened immune systems, asthma
  • DIOXIN – cancer, birth defects, nervous system disorders
  • PEG – Cancer, Kidney and liver toxicity
  • PETROLEUM – Cancer, skin irritation, hormone disruption
  • SYNTHETIC COLORS – Hey bath bombs!! Cancer, ADHD, allergic reactions
  • FLUORIDE – neurotoxicity, cancer, thyroid problems
  • OXYBENZONE – Cancer, skin irritation, hormone disruption

**I’ve gone ahead and put a cheat sheet of this in my FREEBIES area so you can easily download the info and keep it with you!  It also includes lists of what these are found in to simplify the learning curve even more!


Well, while there is a little bit of a learning curve, it is important to note that we can tackle this in steps.  But when you see words like cancer, thyroid problems, tumors, hormone disruption and infertility, I can understand if you’re wanting to really take this head on!  

Here’s what I don’t want you to do…I don’t want you heading to the nearest grocery store and finding the product with the label “natural” and throwing them all in your cart.  That’s what I did to start, and honestly, I wasted a ton of money on products that I got rid of eventually because I did find those dreaded ingredients like fragrance and dioxin in them.  I didn’t know what they were at the time, but I thought I was doing better because of the company’s marketing.  Boo on that, right?



Well, like you know from before, I had my version of concocting things for quite a while with white vinegar, baking soda, and sometimes citric acid or freshly squeezed lemon.  All these ingredients are great, but they didn’t perform super well and again, it was a ton of work!  Not exactly what I was looking for as a mother with a newborn! 

I finally landed on this cleaning line HERE.  Not only did it not have the non toxic cleaning products I was trying to avoid, it also had super high quality essential oils and well sourced natural (but ACTUALLY NATURAL) ingredients.  Here is what I was able to replace with this line in one order!


Not only does this line work and perform beautifully, it smells delish and I can even spice it up a little more with some of my kick booty and high quality essential oils like Lemon, Lemon Myrtle, Peppermint or anything I’d like!  Though most of the time, this mama is refilling my household cleaner in the 15 seconds it takes without adding a thing!


I’m glad you asked!  It’s crazy how toxins have seeped into every area of our homes.  It’s even more crazy that companies can continue to use them!  If you want to hear more about what I use in my home when it comes to personal care products, makeup, nutrition, supplements and all things safe and toxin free, the best place to hang out with me is on my Instagram HERE.  You’ll see daily stories of our favorite products across the entire house, and my highlights section is absolutely a great way to go!

I am extremely passionate about helping you have as much information as possible so you can make the best decisions for you.  That’s why I am part of a wellness collective that prioritizes education and resources.  Be sure to check out the masterclass on greenwashing below!


Still Feeling Overwhelmed?

I’ve got good news for you!  I did a masterclass training for our wellness collective which is a great cliff notes version of why this is an important change to make in your home, what ingredients to watch out for, and simple steps to start reducing toxic exposure of cleaning chemicals in your home!

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