8 Steps To Protect Your Family From Radiation In Your Home

If you haven’t read PART I about WHY this is so important. Go check it out! This was a subject that my husband and I started taking very seriously last year after an unexpected, but life changing, conversation with a stranger on a plane. I believe that 10 years down the road, our society will be looking back and associating the magnitude and liberty of our cell phone usage right there with numerous x-rays we used to give pregnant women.

EMF exposure is a real danger, and we are part of the big experiment without even knowing it.

While we can’t get away from it completely, there are very tangible steps we can take to limit our exposure! These are the steps that we have taken in our home with our family. This is most definitely not an exhaustive list, but I believe that these are the primary ones that an individual, and particularly those with young children, should start with.

Create Distance from Your Devices

Obviously you need to do this within reason. Sometimes I’m on an important phone call and my kids are screaming. So I put the phone next to my ear. What they’ve found with EMF radiation is that even millimeters can determine the amount of radiation. So put as much space as you can in between that phone and yourself. I talk on my phone on speaker 98% of the time. This also goes for ANYthing with a wireless connection. You’ll want to make sure your laptop doesn’t go on your lap and your iPad isn’t hanging out on your chest while you lie down. I realize they can seem small, but research (you’ll be able to sign up to find out more below!) is showing that the little exposures add up!

Put Your Phone in Airplane Mode When Your Kids Are Using It

In my last post, you were able to read about why kids are little sponges for EMF types of radiation. If you use your phone with your children (particularly those under 5), then make sure to put it in airplane mode before allowing them to use it. This takes away any harmful radiation. And hey, it means that you also won’t have any large and surprising Amazon purchases showing up at your doorstep either!

Get Rid of That Smart Meter

We are in California, and there was a big push about three years ago to get Smart Meters put in homes. It was like someone was giving us the most wonderful gift, and our landlords were so surprised that we wanted to pay a monthly fee to NOT have it installed. “But it makes things so much easier!” they said. And our response, “HECK NO!” Smart meters can have very high amounts of radiation emitted from them up to SEVEN times per minute, and if you have a child sleeping next to it, then that is bad news bears right there. THIS article was one that I’ve read that has some good, concrete info of the concerns behind Smart Meters. Interestingly enough, most of the mainstream media outlets talk about how there is no concern with them. I’m not buying. And I hope you don’t either. Bottom line for us was that we did not want any unneeded sources of radiation in or around our home. So now we pay a monthly fee to not be exposed to radiation. I just love where society is going. Please let me pay you to not have radiation exposure. Awesome.

Hardwire Your Internet for Your Home

This one may take a tech savvy person in the home, or you may even have to hire someone. Fortunately for us, my husband has a wonderfully techy side to him! We bought very long cords (like reeeeeeeally long) and my amazing husband crawled under the house to connect everything. We still have the option of wireless internet if we need it, but we do our best to plug in our computers whenever possible. That way we don’t have wireless internet coursing through our home at all times!

Turn Everything Off When You Head to Bed

We ALWAYS turn off our internet for the evening. One of the most recent tips I heard was to get an automatic timer where you have your internet plugged in. When we go to bed, everything goes off. Cell phones get put on airplane mode, internet gets unplugged, and anything else impactful gets turned off. Our bodies are assaulted everyday by small and large sources of EMF, and we believe that it’s super important to give our bodies a break and let them rest and repair. The radiation, particularly from cell phones, can interrupt sleep as well. THIS article will help you understand how cell phones can have an extremely negative impact on your sleep!

Don’t Talk On Your Cell Phone in the Car

This is a tough one obviously. Sometimes driving in the car is the only 10 minute break I get to have a conversation with someone all day. A car acts as a magnifying device for EMF. As awful as it is, those crazy fast wavelengths have nowhere to go when they are in a lovely metal box. So unlike sitting in a park where those wavelengths have no boundaries, they are bouncing back and forth over and over. It’s bad, friend. I have had to ask myself the question many times, “is this phone call THAT important?”. Sometimes the answer is yes and sometimes no. But it’s worth asking the question.

Throw That Bluetooth Away

Since a bluetooth actually sits in your ear and is used to magnify the signal, it’s about as bad as it gets. It’s that simple. Since we know that the proximity of the device to your brain is a key issue, that bluetooth has to go. Instead use an earpiece that has to be plugged into your phone, which will allow your phone to stay farther away from your noggin. I counted the men and women using blue tooth technology at the gym this week, and to be honest, it made me want to cry. We have to help educate one another in the dangers of this!

Don’t Wear Your Cell Phone or Put It In Another Room

This is one change that has been pretty easy for us. As we know, proximity of these devices is important when it comes to how much we are affected. So keep that phone in another room! If you need to make sure you can hear it, put the ringer on high so you can hear it. No biggie. On a very practical level, it is also great in terms of keeping me from being distracted from texts and emails when I’m with my kids! And if you’re working, I would strongly recommend that you find a place for your phone that is NOT on your body. Keep it in your office or on the other side of the room. If you HAVE to keep it on you, I would do it as little as possible.

I’m sure as more information and research circulates about the affect of EMF on our bodies, there will be more tools and tips to share. You can visit Pong Case or check our Dr. Igor Smirnov and his research HERE to see some of the devices that will also help diminish the EMF that is emitted from your wireless router, cell phone, or laptop. If you are using or on any of these devices for large amounts of time, this would definitely be something to think about investing in.

For a cheat sheet of these simple tips and to sign up to be the first to know about my EMF For Dummies course (and any other goodies I have cooking), please sign up below! Not only is it important for you and your family, but the more we understand this information, the more we can share and protect those around us.